Hard and Soft Services Facilities Management

Facilities management involves the services and support given to an organization for its smooth functioning. It tries to incorporate the process, people, environment and technology. It is multidisciplinary in nature and consists of the maintenance of buildings to increase productivity and value of the organization.

Facilities managers ensure that people are safe and the work is being economically and smoothly conducted.Facilities management can be divided into two fields, hard services and soft services.


Hard services relates to the fabric of the building. It is absolutely necessary as it ensures the health and safety of the workers. This type of service cannot be excluded in any way. These include the maintenance of heating, lighting, fire safety, air-conditioning, plumbing and escalator. Regular checks and inspections need to be carried out to prevent any disasters. Any equipment or machine that have become obsolete needs to be replaced or upgraded by the facilities manager.


Soft services make the building more comfortable and protected. To accomplish this, regular assessments are necessary. This type of service is not always considered to be of primary importance. These include cleaning, security, mail management, waste management, catering, pest control and recycling.


Facilities management is an important part of a professional organization. Earlier organizations had their own facilities manager. However, companies are slowly outsourcing this service to concentrate on their primary business.

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