Three 2017 Breakthrough Softwares that Will Automate So Much

2017 has been named as the year when so many breakthrough software have been devised by the IoT Breakthrough company, an organization that help others make steady steps in automation and integration of their operations. The 2017 breakthrough technologies will affect world economy, improve medicine and affect people’s culture. Though most are not yet fully developed and it will take time for them to unfold, they will be great strides in the right direction. Some of the breakthrough software for 2017 include:

Self driving truck software

Trucks without a human being behind the wheel will soon be a common phenomenon in the near future thanks to software which is being designed so that trucks can be driven on highways, stop at road signs, negotiate corners and detect children crossing signs without causing any accident. The proponents of this software have said that it will cut down on costs since money would have been spent in hiring drivers. Again, one can keep track of where all their company trucks are from a remote computer screen

Netsuite software for startup Companies

Though Netsuite came into the technology market sometime before 2017, it has been hailed as a startup Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that will see many small businesses automate their operations, maintain a clear flow of data and assist in both forecasting and decision making.

Pay by face software

While it is possible to make a payment at Starbucks through a mere Apple Watch flick, it is not yet possible to do so through face recognition. However, 2017 is the year when this Pay by face software will be introduced. Baidu which is China’s Internet company are working on this breakthrough software that will enable financial institutions to get money through face recognition.

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